Evaluation of the Humanitarian Rapid Response Initiative

Area of workEvaluation of the Humanitarian Rapid Response Initiative
Development period2 months
Proposal deadline23:59 BST on Friday 27th October 2023
Request for ProposalsRequest for Proposals

Appendix 1 - Rapid Reports Summary

The window for submitting a proposal to provide an evaluation of the Humanitarian Rapid Response Initiative is now open with a deadline of 23:59 BST Friday 27th October 2023. For further information, please review the full Request for Proposals. Proposals must be submitted to contracts@elrha.org.


UKHIH is commissioning an evaluation report to understand the effectiveness of its rapid response initiative to date, examining the impact of the rapid response reports on practitioner actions and their alignment with prevailing sectoral trends and humanitarian priorities. The report will be underpinned by a process of stakeholder consultation and will synthesise findings and make actionable recommendations. It is anticipated that this report will inform and guide the future strategic direction of this workstream.

Key deliverables

  • Stakeholder mapping for interviews and small group consultations (in consultation with UKHIH).
  • Semi-structured interview guides (in co-production with UKHIH).
  • A documented evaluation process.
  • A report synthesising learning and stakeholder-driven recommendations.

Selection process

Proposals will be evaluated based on the criteria set out in the Request for Proposals. Shortlisted candidates will be invited for interview in the week commencing 6th November 2023 to clarify details in the proposal and assess the candidate‚Äôs suitability for the work.

If you have any questions, please email contracts@elrha.org, putting the title of the contract as the subject.