Collective Crisis Intelligence for Frontline Responders

What is the innovation?

Collective crisis intelligence (CCI) combines methods that gather information from communities affected by crises and frontline responders using artificial intelligence (AI) for more effective crisis mitigation, response and recovery.

Using CCI methods, the research project has prototyped tools in Nepal and Cameroon with local people and communities generating new insights into how CCI can improve and localise humanitarian action.

Why we need to innovate

With humanitarian crises increasing in scale and frequency, new solutions and tools are needed to better predict and manage crises, and reduce their impact. By testing and developing models of participatory AI, new evidence and knowledge can be generated on how to use CCI to enhance humanitarian response.

What is the opportunity? 

The development of CCI solutions builds a richer and more local understanding of crises, drawing on the expertise of frontline responders and communities. Combined with the processing power of AI technologies, this gives humanitarians access to more timely and contextual data for anticipatory action, effective response and sustainable recovery. 


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Investment Summary


Genna Barnett, Aleks Berditchevskia, Issy Gill, Nasara Hussein, Eirini Malliaraki, Joana Murta Rosa, Kathy Peach, George Richardson, Isabel Stewart, Oli Wittington; Fellows: Princewill Achem Nkongho, Pius Ngwa, Saurav Poudel

Project Length

16 months


UK, Nepal and Cameroon



International Federation of the Red Cross,

Solferino Academy,

The Nepal Red Cross National Society,

The Cameroon Red Cross National Society