Artificial Intelligence

As Artificial Intelligence (AI) is dramatically changing the world, the humanitarian sector needs to navigate a way forward that harnesses its potential to strengthen humanitarian practice, while mitigating potential challenges and risks.  

Working with Elrha, this research will explore the challenges and opportunities around the adoption of AI to inform effective ways forward for the humanitarian sector. The research will identify the opportunities, risks, and barriers to AI adoption and will explore key issues such as ethical challenges, equity and inclusion, acceptability, feasibility, cost-effectiveness and risk-mitigation in the humanitarian sector.  

Informed by this learning, Elrha’s Humanitarian Innovation Fund will launch a new AI funding scheme for seed grants to create AI-based solutions for specific problems. A learning partner will help strengthen the capacity of grantees to leverage AI technologies in their mission.  

Please contact us if you would like to find out more about the development of this work.